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SaaSplications ERP system administrators do not spend any time on machines, patches, application servers, versions etc.  The SaaSplications System has improvements added every day that can be used by the business.

System Administrators often need to check the user knows what they are doing - here are some ways to review the system.

Audit Trails

Visible across the system on updates and transactions - important to determine the sequence of events and the users involved.  The first point of reference when an outcome is not what is expected to check what happened.

Audit trails show changes in fields and changes in status.  Stock Audit for example shows all stock movements, related journals, sales orders, Returns, purchase orders etc.


Dashboards are used in the system for users to stay on top of information and highlights when action is required.  Check if users are using the dashboards or if they need to be enhanced in some way.  An example dashboard is the Purchase Order Reports

Lists in the System

Core definitions (eg person, company, employee, SKU, Asset etc) all have master lists on the back of the form with some form of searching.

Lists of transactions typically are a screen with lots of filtering that allows direct opening of the transaction

Related Transactions

A transaction in the system will have links to related transactions.  For example an Invoice links to the sales order that created it, or a Sales Order shows links to the Invoice it created, all the stock journals, a Credit note created by a related Return or a supplier invoice from a related drop ship purchase order

Adding fields in the system

You can add as many fields as you like to key elements in the system using Simple Profile Types.


Access to a nightly full system backup where all tables are available (and special reporting tables make it easy) provides the ability to do any analysis you like without affecting your live system.  See Examples here PowerBi and Excel Power Pivot


Most Items may be imported or linked to business partners via EDI.  Examples such as Importing SKU's, Importing supplier price changes, importing email bookings (by dragging the booking over the booking screen) and many others exist.