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General Franchise Training

Each Franchise is different - however most:

  • Manage suppliers and stock from the Franchisor.  Stock definitions, supplier terms and prices, purchasing processes
  • Forecast across the group including special deals, new lines, line removals or replacements
  • End customer pricing and Franchisee pricing - while providing franchisee specific capabilities
  • Have customers that want to be considered a customer of the group - not just the franchisee

Project Installer Franchise Training

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Project Installation Franchises:

  • Configure complex quotes including stock items, custom items and services that result in a project to be delivered
  • Have service providers internally and externally (plumbers, electricians etc) to schedule as part of project scheduling
  • Do not carry all items sold and may require a supplier to send direct to a Franchisee

Professional Reports Franchise Training

Professional Reports Franchises:

  • Significant IP and legal approvals required for report details - so they need to be managed centrally across the franchise
  • Ability for individual franchisees to have different reports or report sections to cater for local legislation or other requirements
  • Fixed and variable pricing of reports
  • External specialists to pay - system generates a RCTI (recipient created tax invoice)
  • Controls to ensure reports are not released until paid

Shuttle Franchise Training

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