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This guide will take you through the process of implementing the genie JavaScript SDK in your web application. This guide will focus on its use in ASP.NET MVC web applications, though the principles can be applied to any web framework.

What is the GenieJavaScript SDK?

The genieJavaScript SDK is a library that enables you to implement pure HTML-based client applications for use with server applications built upon the Genie.  The SDK enables you to build web-based data driven applications without the need to write any JavaScript code (unless you really want to).

The SDK is built on top of backbone.js.  Please review to understand how this has been structured.

Adaptors - unique to our SDK

When you have:

  • A field on the server
  • A control you want to bind to that field

Connection is via an Adaptor - it maps and listens to events on the server and then repushes when changes happen each way.  It just does the mapping.  Need to understand the SDK (by looking at Backbone) and also Javascript.

Models and Views and Adaptors and Controls

Model is client side concept of a field ( a client side way of storing the value of that field) and co-ordinates the logic between server and client.

  • Models are there for all views

View - a built in way of visualising a field (default ui) and is built on top of a model

  • All the basic fields are there for all fields

Adaptor is on top of a view - to use a different UI for the same field.

  • Adaptor needs to use a view
  • There are 17 adaptors in the system now most tied to Kendo - they can be mapped to another ui library

Controls are provided as a 3rd party library for UI pieces that can be used

  • So Build Adaptors to a particular UI library you want to view = this does not tie you to a library.    Many are open source
  • Kendo have some open source items

Can build adaptors built to a UI Library - specifically.  Bootstrap has a lot of UI controls as well.  Can put bootstrap into wordpress and use the UI components.

  • No need for adapators for some of the bootstrap views as normally base html controls


  • geniJavaScript SDK
  • Visual Studio 2012/2013
  • An existing server application written using the Genie


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