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Repairs can be tracked across multiple entities where different ABN's are involved in carrying out the repair and intercompany transactions generated as part of the process.  Repairs is suited to franchise groups.

Repairs can use Barcode scanning to rapidly and accurately identify equipment being repaired, parts, etc.

Repairs of

  • Items sold to a customer - using sales history to identify the item
  • Limited lists of items that are repairable
  • Equipment or equipment components (eg wheelchair lift on a bus, or sprinkler fitting on a mine site digger)
  • Any repair job - equipment and expected parts unknown

Repairs have symptoms that lead to quotes, parts, time, resolutions and invoices after reference to customer agreements.

Linked to a repair

  • Visits to site by technicians
    • Scheduling of Calendar Events including travel time
    • Tracking actuals and billable time
  • Transport of the item from site to repair centre and back, from store to repair center and back
    • Shared bookings for items travelling together
  • Tracking of parts used - some chargeable, some not chargeable, some warrantee, some consumable
  • Tracking of time taken by technicians
  • Tracking of time billed to customer (may be different to time taken by technicians)
  • Quotes
  • Agreed prices and changes in agreed prices
  • Payments
  • Invoices of services sold
  • emails and sms communications
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