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To go live successfully please follow these steps


Setup all required host companies

  • ABN, Web address, Logos, Address, contact details etc
  • Sales Channels, Divisions and Departments
  • Base Currency, GST, BAS
  • Set Display colour for different companies (Profile settings)
  • Relationships between entities for intercompany trading (Relationships)

See: Host Company (your business/s)


Setup Chart of Accounts (can be imported from Excel)

See: Chart of Accounts

Create financial periods. Recommend creating FY prior to starting operation in order to record Retained Earnings

See: Financial Years

Sales of stock items

Setup Delivery Charges for customers

See: Host Company (your business/s)#Currency/GST/BAS/Freight


Set Stock Control Settings

See: Maintain Stock Control Settings


Setup employees and contractors

  1. Persons (who are employees)
  2. Employee Records for those persons, flag if sales rep, driver etc
  3. Roles to the employees

See: Adding and Managing Users in the System


Setup Customer and Supplier Terms

See: Host Company (your business/s)#DebtorandCreditorAgingTerms

Import Customers

Setup Customer categories

Add all customers (Persons and Companies)

See: Importing Leads, Customers, Suppliers, People and Companies

Import Suppliers

Add all suppliers (Persons and Companies)

See: Importing Leads, Customers, Suppliers, People and Companies


Setup GL Control Accounts

Setup Bank Accounts in GL and on Host Company

See: Bank Accounts - Creating and Managing

Setup Relationships between entities for intercompany trading (Relationships)

See: Host Company (your business/s)#Relationshipsbetweenhostcompanies

Setup loans between host companies

See: Loans Between Trading Entities

Setup owned entities (owned by the host company)

See: Customers and the Debtor Card#Acompanymaybeownedbyanumbercompaniesorpersons

See: Financial Reports including Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Trial Balance, Aged Debt and Payable, Stock Valuation#ProfitandLossEliminatingintercompanytransactions

Setup Fixed Assets Depreciation GL accounts

See: Fixed Asset Register and deprecition

Add logo in Host Company for Invoices etc.

Review / update invoice layouts and email templates


Cash sale entity, Minimum GP%, Target markup %, Auto Allocate Invoices, Auto off credit hold, Max debtor and creditor write off adjustments

See: Host Company (your business/s)#Sales/Credits/StopSupplySection


If using price lists - Set default price list

See:Host Company (your business/s)#Sales/Credits/StopSupplySection

Admin and Sales and Finance together

Setup Host Company Profile Settings

See: Host Company (your business/s)#HostCompanyProfileSettings

Setup Host Company trading relationships (Debtor, Creditor, Loans) if multiple companies are using our system.


Setup Warehouses, stock locations + default warehouse on host company - see Warehouses and Stock Locations

Setup Stock Categories - see Article Categories

Import stock definitions and images- see Importing Articles Process

Setup Individual Supplier defaults (use by days, order cycles weeks, delivery days, Inco terms, Brands etc)

Setup price lists if required - see Pricing when you sell products

Setup all services required - see Services General Overview

Setup all assets required for the business - eg Delivery Vehicles, Buses, etc

See: Assets and Setting up Vehicle Assets for Hire

Domain changes to ensure emails are received by your customers.

The system is going to send out emails that are from your company - these will be blocked by some spam filters unless you update your internet domain registration - see details here

  • Microsoft have implemented two new security checks.  The simplest one appears to be an SPF record (and a very similar Sender ID record).
  • Your domain registration needs to include an SPF record that tells the world (including microsoft) that our server sends emails from your email address.  
  • The SPF and Sender ID records are a text record in a particular format.  There is a wizard to create the correct text to add to the text record.
  • See a wizard here
  • The generated SPF record starts with "v=spf1".  Change this to "spf2.0/pra" for the Sender ID record

You will need our IP address to create the spf records.

Bus Tour Companies
    1. Setup Stops on Host Company Entity Profiling
    2. See Tours - Setting up Bus Tours - Setup Tour Codes, Routes, Patterns, Tour Roster pattern for drivers

Delivery Vehicles
If using delivery zones then setup delivery zones so can link them during import
Test every thing

Test Everything - using the test system

  • Setup users - login as those users (send a password and then login using it) - review what they can / cannot do
  • Test transaction flows - from start to finish - with variations you expect to come across
  • Document transaction flows - in a similar way to our help system is recommended - to become a reference and internal training document
  • Check pricing, calculations done by the system
  • Check all document layouts are as you would like them
  • Check all email templates required have been created and their results

Do not go live until you are confident the test system does what is required.

Just before go live

Average cost
Check all stock articles that are to be counted have accurate average cost.
Import Customers

Setup Customer categories

Add all customers (Persons and Companies)

See: Importing Leads, Customers, Suppliers, People and Companies

Import Suppliers

Add all suppliers (Persons and Companies)

See: Importing Leads, Customers, Suppliers, People and Companies

On go live

Open Transactions

Manually enter or import Open Invoices (Debtor and Creditor)

See: Importing Open Transactions

Do Stock Count

Stock count in the warehouse/s - do as initial stock so does not create journals

See: Stock Take - at end of count 2 "Use this stock as initial stock" - requires

  • Employee to be flagged as Admin
  • Root location to be a Warehouse
  • Not Seeded, Not counted items only

Can be after go live


Create Retained Earnings

  1. Create the FY prior to the one requiring retained earnings using Financial Years
  2. Add a general journal (revenue to balance sheet clearing account)
  3. Close all periods - Retained Earnings will calculate for the following year

Historical Trial Balances - see Upload a General Journal from Excel#HistoricalTrialBalances

The historical trial balances will not upload in full once a bank reconcilation has been completed if they include the bank account and are dated prior to the reconcilation

  • Option 1 - delete all bank reconciliations - then can create
  • Option 2 - map all the bank balances to an asset account that is not bank reconciled - eg petty cash

Fixed Asset Register

Populate the fixed Asset register with assets being depreciated, run first depreciation journal

See: Fixed Asset Register and deprecition


Debtors are auto-created (if they do not already exist) when you search for a person or company in the sales order or purchase order form