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Table of Contents

General overview

This training document covers creating invoices for Agents, general collections and refers to other documents for paying suppliers and staff

Creating invoices for Agents

Booking Agents pay for tours after they have been carried.

A reconciliation process can be run at any time to determine how much they need to pay

Created invoice

  1. Including bookings that were carried
  2. Including bookings that were cancelled with a fee

Aged Debtors view

View the Aged debtors report on the Debtor screen - navigate to the debtor.

View the outstanding invoices and send statements from here - see Customers and the Debtor Card for details

Paying Suppliers

(warning) see Tours - Paying Suppliers for details

Suppliers of services to tours include:

  • Entry Tickets
  • Meals
  • Accommodation

Some organisations may have provided multiple of these services

View the calculated services provided by the supplier - adjust as required and then confirm.

The system creates the Creditor invoice - you can later view the original and adjusted values in the system.

Paying Drivers

  • Employees are paid using calculations in ePayroll or other payroll system
  • Contractors that are paid based on  Hourly Rates or Daily Rates create invoice manually

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