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OverviewThis document covers setting up Agents and Concierges, entering tour bookings, invoices, payment, validations, Accommodation, incomplete booking list

Setups Required

Booking Agents

These are Travel Agents that send you bookings.  They are also the companies that pay for the bookings

Agent Contacts

An Agent Contact is a person who is a contact at the Travel Agency with a role of "Booking Agent"


A concierge is identified first by choice of the hotel involved

Entering a booking

The simplest way is to drag an email from your agent over the booking window (there are currently 13 supported formats) and the screen will populate.

Tour dates may be closed for individual tours or all tours - see Tours - Setting up Bus Tours#ClosingTourDates

Tour Code

One tour code per booking

Choose from a list of available tours, date, Pax, name

Booking source, agent contacts, their reference and sub agent


Travellers details - does not create persons in the system

  1. Adult / child affects pricing
  2. Fare choice (Twin, Single, Triple) affects pricing
  3. Notes (example mobile phone number etc)

Pickup details

Hotel pickup - estimated pickup time will populate from route time


Get Pricing will calculate the price of the tour based on the travellers

Note - if a promotion exists then the pricing will reflect it

  • For example if a promotion exists for a bonus tour and this booking code has a qualifying tour already in the system then the bonus pricing will apply

If entering a manual price use the FOC / Manual Costing flag

Booking Confirmation Emails

Some examples of the settings on Email Templates for emails from tours - note also Email Templates#TourSeason

To the travel agent or concierge

on receipt of payment by customer (direct bookings or web bookings normally)

Alerting internal employees about new bookings

Alerting food providers of the food order

Sending the customer invoice manually

Billing Payment and who gets invoiced

Agent Bookings

CC = Credit Card Details - if payment being captured by credit card

  • The system will create an invoice and payment and update the booking to paid

XXL Fee = Cancellation Fee = Manual entry if the booking is being cancelled

  • The system will create an invoice and payment record and cancel the booking

Concierge Booking

If you take a booking from a concierge and take a credit card payment - then the system will record an invoice and a payment on the Pickup Hotel and mark the booking as paid

  1. Enter the credit card booking
  2. Status - Take credit card payment


Notes for any notes

Number of rooms - in case of specific room bookings

Is incentive charter - the booking will appear separately in the Planner and requires own vehicle

Final Drop Off (only if different to pickup hotel) will appear on Manifest later for driver

Hotel Accommodation Booking - Manual

Accommodation Tab - enter the reservation numbers once the rooms are booked - pickup time is manually entered

Multi Day tours may have pre-defined accommodation bookings

Some travellers book their own accommodation, or may stay extra days in a location before re-joining the tour

Validation checks across bookings

A validation check is run from the Assign Bookings to Runs Screen - it checks all runs planned for the date

  1. Pickup time
  2. Pickup location
  3. Reservations (for multi-day tours)

Completing uncompleted bookings

A list of uncompleted bookings exist.

A validation check is carried on on attempting to complete a booking

  1. Pickup time
  2. Pickup location
  3. Reservations (for multi-day tours)

Charter bookings

Charter bookings are bookings that are manually priced and may be for many people - example 100 persons. 

  1. Can define a new tour code - or use an existing one
  2. Flag the booking as a Charter to ensure no other travellers are placed on the same vehicle
  3. Can flag as manually priced

Partial Payments / Deposits management

New Agents or Large or Charter bookings may require multiple invoices - ie 25% deposit, 75% on confirmation etc.

Use the partial invoice ability

  1. In any booking - Status - Create partial invoice
    1. will open invoice screen with the remaining amount to invoice
    2. Adjust the amount - then save
  2. To take payment for an invoice
    1. From the booking - find the invoice attached - open it.  Action - Pay invoice - will open the payment screen - can capture payment method (including credit card which will pass details to eway).
  3. Later repeat - Status - Create partial invoice etc.  The invoice will show the remaining amount to invoice after subtracting existing invoices
    1. You can delete invoices created by mistake

you can find all bookings that have been partially invoiced in the list provided


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