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SaaSplications ERP Distribution Warehouse capability includes

  • Row Rack Bin to n levels
  • Pick face Management with replenishment
  • Recommended putaway based on last stored location
  • Expiry dated, batch number tracking, recall reports, cold chain tracking
  • expiry dated stock selection (shortest expiry first), Organic Certification tracking
  • Serialised inventory (on receipt or on shipping)
  • Product Category hierarchy
  • Freezer, Cold and controlled warehouse management
  • Do not stock (purchase only on sale)
  • Repair, sample and quarantine locations
  • Barcode for all steps including receipt, moves and picking
  • Packs, Assemblies, Kits, JIT, Food Recipes, Clothing (colour size style etc), Tableware
  • Product size, weight, packing factor, Primary measure, component sizes (for packs)
  • MSDS link to central MSDS store, Attach multiple documents
  • Product short term unavailable dates (not before) and not after future end dates
  • Product Status - Proposed (Seasonal items), Active, Run out until sold (ignored by forecasting), Hold, inactive
  • Private SKU - only available to selected customer or group of customers, deposit tracking
  • Truck, container, pallet configuration both supplier and store, volumes, weights
  • Shopping cart status, state availability, multiple images, multiple web descriptions, 
  • Manufacturing intermediates not purchased or sold, production batch sizes, food scalable
  • Supplier part, brand, range, name, factory, lead times, quarantine times, multiple suppliers per item with priority
  • Moves between warehouses either immediate or involving multiple days planning
  • Franchise group stock visibility and management including sell rates by location, min / max settings
  • Relationships to other items (Replaces) to use previous item sales history for forecasting
  • Quantity price breaks on purchase and sale
  • Stocktakes based on area or stock type
  • Audit history of changes and movements
  • Stock return process with supplier claims
  • Rolling Average Cost, Simple and Complex (using estimates initially) landed costs
  • Franchisee default pricing based on Franchisor buy price (standard markup) that can over-ride
  • Franchisee not able to see supplier or supplier prices